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Updated: Apr 20, 2020

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4/26 - Menus appear to be back. The header menu is pushing off to the right, so you can't see the whole word "contact"


Contact Us Mountain View Dental Affiliate, Total Smile Protection Network Each Office Independently Owned and Operated. - ?? is that the best way to use sub domains for this?

Scott is moving his office soon - get new name - havendental? get from scott - seth?


Also for Home Page -- don't change what's there but find a place near the top to put the following hot links --

NOTE -- We need to discuss creating a separate set of hot links that go to the same tabs we have created above…. Here’s my idea for 5 more hot links –

We Provide You with "Total Smile Protection" in 5 Steps (Home)

1. Prevention – Tele-Dentist, Dental Hygiene, Sleep

2. Intervention (Early) – Tele-Dentist, Fillings, Sleep Test

3. Remediation - Crowns, Implants, Sleep Appliance

4. Restoration - Implants, Cosmetics, Dentures

5.Integration - Tele-dentist with Telemedicine - Oral Health in Collaboration with Total Body Health (Dentist & Physician) –Sleep Dentistry reimbursed by health insurance, - Get dent…


0.Home -

Change -

Does Your Dentist Lead Your Total Health Protection Team? Total Health Begins with Oral Health!

To -

Does Your Dentist Lead Your "Total Smile Protection" Team?

We Protect Your "Total Smile" By Integrating Oral Health With Total Body Health. Services include:

Tele-Dentistry and Telemedicine

Sleep Apnea, Bruxism, and TMJ

Nutrition and Disease Prevention (Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, etc.)

Emergency Care;

Senior Care;

Health Advocacy; and



Change the title of this post to HOME - NMO -

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