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SleepTonight Total Sleep Apnea Therapy

SleepTonight dentists collaborate with Dream Sleep implementation partners to deliver the most comprehensive, extensive, hands-on training in the industry to screen for and treat sleep-related breathing disorders with an oral appliance — a more convenient option than the CPAP mask and less invasive than surgery. This training provides them with the knowledge and skills needed to provide both the home sleep test and the oral appliance*. Because of this, patients can opt to undergo a screening for sleep apnea during a regularly scheduled visit. After screening results are reviewed by a board-certified physician, their SleepTonight dentist may provide them with a in-home sleep test to determine if an oral appliance will alleviate the patient’s symptoms


SleepTonight dentists are extensively trained to address most cases of sleep related breathing disorders with OAT (Oral Appliance Therapy)

In most cases home sleep testing eliminates need for an overnight visit to a sleep lab

Screening is easy to schedule with a dentist

If the home sleep test results indicate the patient will benefit from the oral appliance, the dentist can then take an impression to create a mold for a custom appliance. Once the oral appliance has been custom-made for the patient,  the patient meets with the dentist to make any necessary adjustments.


Oral appliance is custom made to fit the patient’s teeth and jaw

Portable for easy and convenient travel

No dry or itchy respiratory symptoms often associated with CPAP

Unlike the CPAP, the oral appliance is silent and will not disrupt partners’ sleep

OAT can be less expensive and more convenient than both CPAP and surgery

*Home Sleep Tests in NJ, GA and TX are ordered by a SleepTonight dentist in conjunction with a physician.


Is your dentist interested in helping patients with sleep apnea?  Please send them this link and ask them to give us a call .

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