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A. Total Dental Protection

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

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RE: W.02.TSP.A-Total_ Dental_Protection.v.3.200417.11-pages.docx - Tab A - Total Dental Protection

I will also put this in the Blog – When it’s done we should be able to link to this page or create multiple pages with different versions of similar text.

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W.02.TSP.A-Total_ Dental_Protection.v.3.200417.11-pages.docx

This is Tab A - which has the most content. When organizing it remember we will be linking to the same or similar content under other tabs. So, if you have ideas for this, follow the blog process - put the comment under the post for the tab that…


A. Total Dental Protection

Total Dental Protection services are provided by General Dentists and Specialists who help you:

1. Get the Dental Services you need without leaving the house through Tele-dentistry

2. Prevent Dental Disease and Optimize Your Oral Health

3. Fix Your Teeth

4. Restore Your Teeth and Replace Your Teeth

5. Protect Your Smile with Orthodontics and Cosmetic/ Aesthetic Dentistry

6. Treat sleep apnea and other sleep disorders

!! - the foregoing long links are on the page - they will be shortened when we are ready to create the pull-downs.


A. Total Dental Protection.

Total Dental Protection - is the general dentistry portion of Total Smile Protection. You can edit a comment -- www.smilemountainview - Scott's office site with Britegrin is the base site for General Dentistry. Review graphics and videos for TSP

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